Packaging Optimization

Packaging Optimization begins with a holistic approach to identify product damage and opportunities for cost reduction. For current SKUs, margins have been finalized with the retailers, but optimizing your packaging is money in your pocket until the next product line review.

As we work with you, we focus on three common areas where solutions are most likely to make a positive difference.

Product Damage Reduction

You tell us where the damage is occurring and the rates of damage in both retail and e-commerce packing. We can assess why it is happening by a review of how the packaging was tested prior to launch and evaluate whether it is representative of what actually happens during shipping.

We recommend the necessary changes and discover the “Sweet Spot” that makes the cost of new packaging a viable option when compared to the overall savings from the reduction of product damage.

Packaging Cost Reduction

We discuss how the material strength of your current package was determined. Then we survey the methods that have been tried to reduce packaging cost. We show you how labor-intensive your packaging methods may be and how to reduce time spent in the process.

After all concerns have been addressed, we document the potential cost reduction in a comprehensive management report.

Freight Cost Reduction

We review the number of products that fit on a pallet and the number of pallets that fit on a specific truck or ocean container. This allows us to explore additional ways to unitize products, such as slip sheets.


1What does packaging optimization mean?
Packaging optimization is designing a package that balances the costs associated with product damage and packaging material, freight and labor costs.
2How much money can we save on packaging?
Our goal is to provide a minimum of a 3x return on investment to our customer from our project cost.
3How do I know if there is opportunity to optimize our packaging?
BoldtSmith Packaging will complete an onsite visit to your manufacturing location or distribution center to review the current packaging methods. We will then provide a review of the potential for damage reduction and packaging material, freight and labor reduction.