Graphic & Brand Design

New product introductions don’t stop with a blank box, bottle or an empty display panel. You need to promote your product with cohesive messaging, as well as a beautiful and functional design that attracts attention, engages and informs the customer and leads to repeat sales.

BoldtSmith’s collaborative team is here to support your ongoing needs in the highly competitive retail environment. From a stand-out logo design to a full line of package design graphics and/or brand identity, we’ve got you covered

Package Design

First impressions are everything. A great looking package can communicate your story quickly and memorably via the unique use of colors, typography and photography or illustration on quality materials. We can provide the expertise to develop a customized packaging solution from scratch or breathe new style into an existing design. A well-engineered and attractive package is a long-term investment in selling your product, enhancing your market credibility and growing your business.

Brand Development

Branding is the foundational strategy for becoming known to consumers and establishing a relationship of trust and loyalty to your product.

By asking the right questions, BoldtSmith works with you to develop a unique profile for positive communication that can be extended across lines of products, POS displays and shipping materials.

We’ll help you set a uniform standard and provide a Style Guide for the visual elements that mark your individual product: logo, colors, fonts, sizing, etc. This will ensure that all materials present a consistent and recognizable image of your Brand to stay connected with your target audience.