E-Commerce Packaging

Shipping products through an e-commerce supply chain has additional hazards and challenges in comparison to shipping to a big box retailer. These additional hazards have a higher likelihood of damaging products.We are an Amazon A-Pass certified packaging partner with the expertise to create optimized e-commerce packaging solutions for a large variety of globally sourced products.

Since the e-commerce shipping environment tends to be more problematic in terms of retaining product integrity, we recommend that your e-commerce packaging be stronger than that of in-store packaging.

In addition, we look at the overall dimensional weight of the package. There are ways to decrease the amount of air in the master carton, thereby using less material in construction of the packaging. We provide a quick turn-around of samples that have been transit-tested. Then we give you our comprehensive report of areas for potential savings, which factors in the e-commerce shipping costs.


1Our product is getting damaged from rough handling with a small parcel shipper, what should we do?
Engage BoldtSmith Packaging for us to complete an onsite visit to your location and review the current packaging methods and damage data.
2We are selling our products through Amazon and getting charged for additional packaging, how do we eliminate this?
Amazon has levels of varying levels of certification, we will create a packaging design that best fits your business and supply chain.
3Our products are sold into retailers and e-commerce, should we use the same packaging for both supply chains?
We will create multiple solutions and a financial analysis that gives us the data to make an informed recommendation on what the best packaging scenario is.