Design Engineering

Sample Capabilities

Packaging structures with which we work range from plastic clamshells to metal returnable crates and everything in between. Our state of the art Data Tech table cuts packaging samples quickly and efficiently. Having this resource allows us to complete design work and sampling internally.This gives our customer’s ownership of packaging specifications and allows them to have the packaging designs quoted through multiple suppliers for competitive pricing.

Amazon APass Certified

We are Amazon APass Certified and have a significant amount of experience designing, testing and implementing PFP, SIOC and FFP solutions. The world of Amazon has strict packaging requirement to ensure customers receive damage-free product. We will navigate our customer through the Amazon process with optimized packaging designs.

Shipping Crates

Large, heavy products can be difficult to ship cost-effectively without risking product damage and safe delivery. We know how to engineer shipping crates for items ranging from doors to motorcycles. Each customer and supply chain has different requirements. Whether they are expendable or reusable, we design and test our shipping crates to exceed the most stringent expectations.

Expendable Shipping Crates

During our initial discussion, we make sure we know the specific requirements that your individual retailers have for the shipping crates that go through their distribution centers and into their stores. Knowing this, we can suggest the optimal design of the shipping crate that will minimize damage to your product(s) throughout the supply chain.

After sample testing is done, we review the positive financial impacts a change of packaging can provide. This includes the comparison of the numbers of shipping crates that currently fit on a container/trailer vs how many more may fit if new crate sizing is implemented. We also compare one-time and reusable shipping cartons within our cost-savings analysis.

Returnable Shipping Crates

Many clients are unaware of the “hidden costs” of using expendable packaging, such as labor costs in time spent unwrapping parts and disposal cost of materials. We explore the cost-effectiveness of shipping parts in a returnable packaging system.

We consider the best type and quantity of returnable packaging for your products by defining how it will be handled throughout the distribution environment, and how long you can expect it to last in your system.


1Our packaging supplier currently does all our design work, why would we use BoldtSmith Packaging?
A packaging suppliers goal is to sell the material they manufacture. Our goal is to design the best possible solution exploring all packaging materials.
2Can BoldtSmith Packaging leverage our current packaging suppliers to design and sample crate designs?
Yes, we can leverage a customers current packaging suppliers to design and sample crates.