Custom Transit Testing

The innovative transit testing that BoldtSmith Packaging uses gives our engineers definitive evidence of the way a package is handled as it goes through the rigors of the supply chain.

We review how the packaging was tested prior to launch, and evaluate whether it is representative of what actually happens during shipping. A tracer is placed inside a test package to track, measure and record every step of your product’s journey--from the time the manufacturer ships to the final destination at a retail store or distribution center.

When we open the package and read the tracker, we can quantify where it has changed hands, temperature conditions during storage, how often it may have been dropped and the extent of product shift inside the carton.This precise data from the measuring device is used by us to further optimize the external and internal package design to prevent costly product damage.

Savings can also be achieved by meeting a retailer’s regulations, thereby avoiding non-compliance fees.We have solid experience working with Home Depot and Walmart, among others, so we choose the testing protocol that is preferred for each type of packaging delivery.


1Our product is getting damaged during shipping but we can’t figure out where, how and why the damage is occurring?
We visit all stopping points throughout our customer’s supply chain to observe how the products is handled and stored. During transportation, we use data recording devices to record the hazards that occur. These two data points give us the information to create a custom testing protocol that matches the hazards that occur in the supply chain.
2We passed a testing standard used in the packaging industry but we still have damage during shipping, what should we do?
This is the advantage of creating a custom testing protocol that matches the hazards in your specific supply chain.