Contract Resources

We have experience in filling packaging engineering roles as a part-time contractor. This eliminates the need for down time while searching for qualified candidates, bringing new associates up to speed and the financial responsibilities of having a full time associate.

Our team has the most advanced packaging design software which allows us to efficiently create optimized packaging designs. Our design software ties into programs that allow us to maximize the number of packages that fit in a trailer or ocean container. This gives our team the leverage to create the best possible packaging solutions.

Contact us when you need a packaging engineer but don’t have the headcount to add a full-time associate or for your seasonal, part-time packaging projects.

BoldtSmith Packaging is ready to supply an independent packaging design engineer for items that will be produced overseas or for any specific project that requires a dedicated packaging engineer.


1We are debating on hiring a full-time packaging engineer or a consultant. When does it make sense to hire a consultant?
Some situations make financial sense to hire a full-time packaging engineer and others a consultant. We will analyze your current packaging needs and give a recommendation as to which route is best for your needs.
2We have a packaging engineer at our corporate office but need a packaging resource traveling between our manufacturing facilities, does BoldtSmith Packaging provide that service?
Absolutely! This is a great scenario that makes sense to have a packaging consultant on a retainer contract.