BoldtSmith Packaging Consultants is a recognized leader in structural packaging design, testing, and optimization for retail and e-commerce packaging, shipping crates and displays.

We are a team of experts with a variety of backgrounds. This allows us to brainstorm creative solutions using advanced design software and prototyping tools. We are able to design packaging, cut samples, and test for product damage. Our clients retain ownership of package specifications, which enables them to get more competitive pricing quotes from multiple suppliers.

For clients without an in-house graphics team, we’re also “Best In Show” National award winners for graphic packaging design, and multiple-time American Advertising Federation Gold winners for creating the look of new brands. Whether you need a custom logo for a new product or want to bring new style into an existing product line, we’ll get your products noticed.


Companies manufacturing products that are in need of packaging optimization. Our clients may have an existing packaging team that is overburdened with projects and require our assistance. Other clients do not have a packaging team and hire us to be their packaging engineers or creative services team without the added financial obligation of having additional full-time staff.



1What does packaging optimization mean?
Packaging optimization is designing a package that balances the costs associated with product damage and packaging material, freight and labor costs.
2Does BoldtSmith Packaging sell or broker packaging?
No, we do not sell or broker packaging. We design, sample, test and implement packaging solutions.
3What packaging materials does BoldtSmith Packaging use?
Since we do not manufacture or sell packaging, we explore using all packaging material to give our customers the best possible packaging solution.
4What type of products do you design packaging for?
Everything from clamshells for lightbulbs to metal returnable crates for motorcycles.
5Where is BoldtSmith Packaging located?
Our headquarters is in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
6Does BoldtSmith Packaging serve International Companies?
Yes, we help companies globally.